Civil War talks by Rick Britton at Michie Tavern

Afternoon Lecture Series

“ENCHANTED, EMPOWERED & ENSLAVED” LECTURE SERIES AT MICHIE TAVERN: OLLI at U.Va.continues its Michie Tavern partnership by offering another special Summer Session lecture-and-wine series!  The 2017 OLLI Summer Session at Michie Tavern features a series of three talks—cumulatively titled “Enchanted, Empowered, & Enslaved”—presented by award-winning local historian Rick Britton (pictured) at 4 p.m. on Thursdays August 24, August 31, and September 7. One must be an OLLI member for the fall 2017 semester to participate in this special Summer Session. The registration deadline is the Friday before each lecture. The lectures are entitled: Anastasia: Enchanted Princess of a Lost Dynasty; Dolley Madison: Empowered First Lady of the Early Republic and Sally Hemings: Enslaved Mistress to the Sage of Monticello. For more information or call 434-923-3600 or email:


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