German Boot Pistol

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German Boot Pistol

Small single shot pistols were the most common handguns of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  These small firearms referred to as “boot pistols” or “pocket pistols” were designed principally for self defense.  They fired one small caliber round and were effective only at close range.  These weapons were very popular with civilians because of their size, convenience, and affordability.  Unlike military grade weapons they were not needed for disabling an enemy at a distance.

It is important to note that in the era when such weapons were popular, constables, sheriffs, and policemen were seldom available and protection of one’s self and one’s dependents was a personal responsibility. Consequently, most men and some women carried small firearms to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from criminals and hooligans.  (Such items as daggers and sword canes also enjoyed great popularity during the era.)

The earliest boot pistols were made with the flintlock ignition system and were gradually replaced by single-shot versions with the newer percussion system like this example, and eventually by small caliber 4-shot “pepperbox” pistols, and later by five and six-shot revolvers.

This mid-19th century German percussion muzzle loading example was handsomely designed and exhibits classic German craftsmanship.  Its 2 ½” octagonal brass smoothbore barrel is rounded at the muzzle with a decorative rope style inner ring and fired a .34 calibre round ball.  The one-piece “bag” style rosewood grip is quite elegant adjoining the brass frame and barrel.  The browned iron hammer, trigger, and trigger guard added another element of pleasing color.  The brass frame bears “LEIBINGER” on the obverse and “IN MUHLHEIM” on the reverse.

The weapon is an original and authentic antebellum era handgun and is still fully functional.  Due to its age and delicate mechanism it should never again be fired under any circumstances.  Damage to the relic or injury to the user may result.

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