Double Barreled Percussion Pistol

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Double Barreled Percussion Pistol

The early 19th Century saw a revolution in firearms design and conceptualization.  The traditional single shot pistols had been improved and tweaked until there was little that could be done to make them more effective.

With the invention of the percussion ignition system a host of possibilities for the advancement of firearms loomed large.  Not only did the percussion system eliminate the obstacle of wet weather conditions it also increased the speed of loading and streamlined the firing device itself.

The concept of increased firepower was now available.   Inventors started with double barrels, then multiple barrels and eventually the revolver emerged. Not long after the creation of effective revolvers came interchangeable parts, rifled barrels, elongated bullets, and metallic cartridges.  These developments revolutionized firearms.  Within fifty years firearms advanced from crude single shot, smoothbore pistols to rifled bore, multiple round, magazine-fed weapons.

This simple firearm was in the early stages of this rapid development.  This percussion handgun offered two 6 ½” barrels of approximately .67 calibre.  The “over and under” barrels differ from the customary side-by-side configuration. The lockplate bears the imprint of Lametz & Bijon and the opposite plate proclaims “En Montivedeo.”  The partners were hardware importers in the bustling capitol of Uruguay. They imported guns from various European makers.

This example was well constructed with decorative flourishes on barrel, lockplates, hammers, silver plated trigger guard, and butt cap. This hinged device opens to hold percussion caps.  Its whimsical motif incorporates two fierce faces upside down from the other.  Behind the barrel tang is a small shield shaped escutcheon for owner’s initials to be engraved.  Many of their products reveal identical engraving patterns leading some to suspect they rendered these finishing touches in Montevideo.

This is an authentic and functional antebellum double barreled pistol.  It should not be fired as that may cause damage to the relic or injury to the user.

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