Alexander McGilvray Side-by-Side ca. 1840

Alexander McGilvray Side-by-Side SOLD

“These men knew each other, and at some point, their families worked together to build Harrisonburg from a patch of farm land into a respectable town.” – J. DiMarco

Alexander McGilvray was a prominent gunsmith in the Shenandoah Valley. McGilvray was a contemporary of gunsmith George Sites (1771-1850) who supplied munitions during the War of 1812. McGilvray, along with Archibald Rutherford and his adopted son, John Crummey, helped place Harrisonburg, Virginia on the map for their quality workmanship in the munitions market.

This particular side-by-side firearm was made and signed by Alexander McGilvray. It is the only McGilvray side-by-side that exists from the Valley. The stock is tiger-stripe maple and features and intricate engraving throughout the furniture. There is a silver inlay stag on the cheek piece. This circa 1840 firearm is 40-gauge and .40 caliber. It has a 31-inch barrel. Before firing, please have this side-by-side inspected by a licensed gunsmith. However, due to the rarity of this weapon, we recommend it be for display only.

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