Bacon Arms Company Pocket Revolver

Bacon Arms Co. Pocket Revolver

Thomas Bacon (1813-1873) was a Renaissance man with a passion for guns as well as and acquisition. The inventor/entrepreneur often combined his interests and established firearm companies on real estate ideally suited for gun manufacturing. Over the course of his career, Bacon was instrumental in forming three firearm companies, which bore his name. He served as superintendent of a fourth firearms company during its critical development period.

The Bacon Arms Company of Norwich, Connecticut produced this .32 caliber rimfire pocket revolver. This particular firearm captures a time when gun manufacturers were confronted with dramatic change in the gun manufacturing industry. With the end of the American Civil War, it was extremely difficult to sell percussion guns since the new metal cartridges were available, and all new guns were being made for cartridges. It took a “renaissance man” like Thomas Bacon to adapt to a swiftly changing market. Thomas Bacon drew from his pool of talents as machinist, inventor, and promoter to create a “conversion” model to meet public demand. Bacon still had a few guns in his inventory which were originally produced as a solid-frame percussion revolver by Bacon Manufacturing Company. His company at that time manufactured slightly more than 3,000 of their second-model percussion pistols with the round barrels and fluted cylinders. Bacon converted this model over to cartridge.

This 1867-68 revolver is particularly unique. It demonstrates the integration of two technologies in an effort to keep pace with the ever-changing munitions market. This conversion model, serial number 1046, is well marked and mechanically operational. It is in excellent condition.

It is in fully functional condition with normal wear and no sign of abuse. We do not recommend firing as its age might make it susceptible to damage to both the user and itself.

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