British 1821 Pattern Cavalry Sabre

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 British Pattern 1821 Cavalry Sabre !!Sold!!

The British Pattern 1821 cavalry sabre was designed to improve upon its predecessor, the Pattern 1796.  Over the course of several decades the 1821 Pattern cavalry sabre was produced in several distinct models and numerous variants.  Basically, it had an iron hilt with knuckle bow and two branches or bars to protect the hand and another small branch opposite to protect the thumb, only a slightly curved blade balanced to about 7 inches below the hilt to maximize cutting power, slotted knuckle bow for a leather or cloth sword knot, leather grip, and lighter overall weight.  These features rendered the Pattern 1821 a very effective weapon and an improvement over the 1796 model.

The popularity of the new sabre led to its being copied by foreign makers who produced numerous variations for a global market including the US.  Our domestic sword-making industry was still in its infancy and we imported thousands of edged weapons for our military forces and private militia units.  The British Pattern 1821 was just one of the European swords popular with American military men.

One of the most prolific copiers of this pattern were the sword smiths of Germany’s exceptional Solingen region who had been producing fine swords for centuries. The maker of this sabre was Wm. Walscheid, not one of the better known Solingen makers and whose period of production was brief.  In addition to British 1821 copies, he made US Model 1840 regulation swords exclusively for US export.

This is an example of Walscheid’s British Pattern 1821 cavalry sabre produced close to or at the start of the Civil War.  It varies from the regulations prescribed for the British trooper’s 1821 sabre in that the blade is thinner and shorter and lacks the “ears” pinning the grip to the tang, and the grip is shark skin rather than leather.  This example bears the maker’s name on the reverse ricasso and the obverse reveals the small round disc bearing the word “Proved.”  The blade with stopped fuller is 33” long, 38” overall.  Pommel is lightly decorated but the sword is minimally embellished.

This is a non-regulation variant of the British Pattern 1821 cavalry trooper’s sabre produced for foreign market and most likely was purchased at the beginning of the Civil War to supply the huge demand for edged weapons in 1861.  It is original and in excellent condition.



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