Allen & Thurber Double Barrel Boot Pistol

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 Allen & Thurber Double Barreled Boot Pistol

America was founded on self defense and self-preservation.  The notion of individualism has always been a basic tenet of our history from the colonial era until today although some might argue its relevance in today’s society.  Longarms were essential for providing sustenance.  Furthermore, America always encompassed a lot of area, too large to depend on sheriffs, friends, or neighbors for protection against personal threats from savages and criminals.  Thus the now infamous “American gun culture” was borne, not out of fascination for firearms, but for a desperate need for protection from enemies.

Among the many innovations that derived from these needs was the simple small pistol.  Single shot firearms were designed early in the development of the gun.  By the early 1800s single shot flintlock handguns became an essential self defense weapon.  With the development of percussion firearms came inventors like Henry Deringer, Allen & Thurber, and others who perfected small reliable handguns.

This is an example of one of Allen & Thurber’s handguns. This is a small calibre double barreled pistol that offered the defender two chances for survival over the standard single-shot pistol. The barrel is only 3 3/16” long with an overall length of 6 ¼”.  The tiny sight is superfluous as such a gun was accurate at only close range.  The grips are polished walnut.

The weapon was loaded by unscrewing the barrels.  The name “Allen & Thurber” is only partially seen on the top of the barrel.  The serial number “261” is stamped under the barrel.

The spring for the right hand barrel no longer holds the cocking mechanism but the left hand barrel is still fully functional.  In either case, firing such an antique could prove dangerous to both the user and the relic.  This is an original and authentic 1850s Allen & Thurber handgun and deserves respect as a relic of America’s antebellum past.

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