English Transition Pistol

English Transitional Revolver

The evolution of firearms reveals both a fascinating progression of inventions and the dramatic impact of the Industrial Revolution. In a short time, firearms developed from simple smoothbore single shot, low velocity, limited range weapons to rifled bore, multi-shot, multi-chambered, and effective long range devices combining the sciences of mathematics, chemistry, metallurgy, and physics. From fused matchlocks to repeaters with metallic cased cartridges the development was astounding.

Between each significant landmark in the development process were experimental weapons that served as bridges from one landmark to the next, ora as harbingers of what was to come. Some creations were absurd, some impractical, while others were ahead of their time.

In the 1850’s a type of firearm was invented in England that characterizes this bridge between landmarks: the English transitional percussion revolver. The predecessor, the pepperbox multi-barreled pistol, was a weapon that could offer much more defensive firepower than the single shot models of the previous century. The pepperbox’s three to six barrels revolved around a central axis. At some point it became clear to a few gun makers that rather than multi-barrels, one for each bullet, that a single barrel with a multi-chambered device for all the bullets might be a better mousetrap. Thus the revolving bullet cylinder was born.

The English transitional revolver emerged from this creative process. While using only one barrel with a six-shot revolving cylinder it retained the overhead elongated hammer employed by the pepperbox system. It also retained the distinctive double action feature of the American pepperbox.

This handsome model has a 5 7/8” barrel bored to 9mm, 12: overall length, two-piece checkered wood grips, Birmingham proof marks on cylinder and barrel, and delicate scroll work on frame, trigger guard, and butt cap.

This is an original 1850’s era English transitional model revolver. It is in fully functional condition with normal wear and no sign of abuse. We do not recommend firing as its age might make it susceptible to damage to both the user and itself.

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