Sturman Shotgun

19th Century Sturman Shotgun SOLD

America has always been a nation of firearms. As colonies we would have starved without them. Our rebellion from an oppressive British government would not have succeeded without them. As a fledgling nation we would not have won the West without them.

This tradition has lost much of its stature in recent years as anti-gun advocates have denied the legitimacy of firearms as tools of survival. Nonetheless, the firearms of our past reveal much about our history. And, as relics of that history, they deserve a degree of respect and reverence for having been so essential to the founding and preservation of our great land. They were our most valuable tool.

This is a single barrel .69 caliber percussion shotgun made by G. Sturman, a prominent London gunmaker of the mid-19th century. His products were known for quality and style and his clientele included British royalty. His name is prominently engraved on the lockplate.

This weapon began its life as a well-made, handsome firearm. It measures 46” overall with a barrel length of 32 ¾”. Its lockplate, trigger guard, hammer, and tang bear elegant engraved embellishments. The stock is crosshatched for a better grip. And it bears one of the early safety devices. When the hammer is cocked it cannot be fired unless the long lever behind the trigger guard is depressed also.

It was very likely imported for the huge demand in America for fowling guns and shotguns. Europe was a steady supplier of firearms which augmented our own domestic production.

Due to its reliability it continued in use after its wrist cracked from prolonged use. The old repair attests to that. Further aging resulted in the ramrod channel and forend cap becoming separated from the barrel. The gun is still functional but should not be fired as it could pose a risk to the relic and user.

This authentic 19th century Sturman antique firearm should be mounted on a wall or displayed in a case to be examined and admired for its role in America’s past.

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