Tavern Tuesday

TAVERN TUESDAY – “ORDINARY PEOPLE COULD PARTICIPATE IN THE EXTRAORDINARY”: Problems surrounding tavern violence, as defined by today’s standards, were relatively infrequent. Most “violent” acts were usually considered acts of strength, power, stamina, or speed. Despite the fact that these behaviors did occur, strangely they were never outlawed. The controversy surrounding taverns, more specifically the dispute concerning games and gambling, concentrates on the idea that taverns were places where ordinary people could participate in extraordinary activities. This disturbed certain genteel members of the community because of the threat they believed this culture had on their status and style. More specifically the elite society considered gambling a wasteful economic activity that promoted the lackadaisical treatment of finances. While this may have been a legitimate concern at the time, it is another issue that seriously affected only a minority of the population who were heavy gamblers. Information: The Tavern in Colonial America by Steven Struzinski, Gettysburg College Class of 2003.The Gettysburg Historical Journal Vol. 1, Article 7.


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