2016 Private Dinner Costs

Entrée Choice(s)Costs
Colonial Fried Chicken$27.95
Choice of two entrées$30.95
Choice of three entrées$32.95
House wine by the bottle during dinner$19.95

Social Choices (open bar)Cost
House wine by the glass$6.50
Traditional lagers and ales$5.50
Bud Light$4.00
Bottled old fashioned sodas$2.50
Soft drinks or bottled water (if applicable)$1.75
Vegetable platter$2.50 per person
Cheese/cracker/grape platter$2.50 per person
Bar Snack Mix $19.95
Bar setup fee before dinner (waived if bar produces $150.00)$25.00
Bar setup fee if open throughout evening$80.00
**Cash Baradd $.50 to drink costs (Bud Light $4)

Optional services and fee/tax descriptionCost
Required deposit (tendered against total)$500.00
Below 50 Minimum Rental Fee if applicable$225.00
Extension fee (if applicable per half hour)$100.00
Setup service fee (if applicable)$200.00
PA system with wireless mic$45.00
Guaranteed service fee20%
Sales and meals tax (for all services and fees)9.3%

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Michie Tavern
683 Thomas Jefferson Parkway
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902