Take-out Orders

Michie Tavern-The Best Southern Fare take-out in town! Call: (434) 977-1234

  • 8-Piece Family Meal $24.95
    (8 piece assorted chicken, select 2 pint sides, 4 biscuits)
  • 2 Kite Country Ham Biscuits (packaged separately for your convenience) $6.95
  • See other available items, quantities and costs (scroll down)
  • Limited takeout is available seven days a week
  • We welcome orders in advance of your pickup day, calling before 11:00 a.m. is also encouraged
  • Curbside Service (upon arrival, please alert us and your order will come to you!)
  • Please phone in order between 9:00 – 4:00, pickup times 11:00 – 5:30
  • If there are dietary concerns, please make us aware
ItemMinimum QuantitiesCost
8-Piece Family Meal8 assorted chicken, 2 pint sides, 4 biscuits$24.95
Assorted Fried Chicken8 - 99 pieces$ 1.50 per piece
Assorted Baked Chicken8 - 99 pieces$ 1.50 per piece
Assorted Fried Chicken100 plus$ 1.25 per piece
Assorted Baked Chicken100 plus$ 1.25 per piece
Hand-pulled Pork Barbecue5 pounds/1 pound$34.95/$8.95
Homemade BiscuitsMinimum of 6$.50
CornbreadMinimum of 6$.50
Mashed Potatoes2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Chicken Base Gravypint/cup$ 3.95/$2.25
Stewed Tomatoes2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Black-eye Peas2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Hot Green Beans2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Cole Slaw2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Baby Beets2.5 quart/16oz. container$21.95/$5.95
Homemade Vegetable Soup2.5 quart/16oz. container$23.95/$6.95
Kite Country Ham BiscuitsTwo Hearty Biscuits$6.95
Peach Cobbler12-15 portions/four 4 oz. portions$23.95/$6.95
Nehi Orange, Grape, Boylan Black Cherry, Dominion Root Beer12 oz. bottles$2.50
Tax not included9.3%

Our Renowned Fried Chicken:
Michie Tavern’s home-style fried chicken has a bold southern flavor. Our Virginia bred chickens are larger in size than the average bird and marinated to retain flavor and moistness. The pieces are then dry rolled in a special breading and fried in peanut free oil.  We use only stone-ground whole kernel wheat blended with spices and herbs (no eggs or dairy).

Our hand-pulled, hickory smoked pork barbecue has a traditional Southern sauce (tomato base). We offer it as take-out in five or one pound quantity

  • Fried or baked chicken is sold only by assorted pieces (breasts, legs, thighs, wings)
  • Our Barbecue can be ordered hot or ready to heat
  • It is the customers responsibility to handle food properly and to maintain safe holding temperatures read more
  • Yuletide-To-Go

Michie Tavern
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