Yuletide Feast at Michie Tavern

Yuletide To Go

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  • The food served at our Yuletide Dinners will be available for takeout on Friday and Saturday, December: 18-19.
  • Please order by 4:00 Tuesday December 15
  • Pickup times: 3:00 – 5:00 (every 15 minutes, i.e. 3:30, 3:15, 3:30, etc.)
  • The generous portions will be packaged to serve two so multiples can be ordered to accommodate your party size.

Add on to your Yuletide Dinner

ItemMinimum QuantitiesCost
Mashed Potatoes16oz. container$6.00
Hot Green Beans16oz. container$6.00
Cornbread Stuffing16oz. container$8.00
Squash Casserole16oz. container$8.00
Candied Yams16oz. container$8.00
Four Piece Fried Chicken1 each: Breast, Leg, Thigh, Wing$6.00
Peach Cobbler4-5 Portions$9.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies1 Dozen$12.00
House Wine - BottleChardonnay, Pinot Grigio, White Zin, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon$14.95
Virginia Wine - BottleBarboursville Chardonnay or Merlot$19.95
Tax not included9.3%

Add on from our daily Bill of Fare Takeout