Sharps New Model 1859 Carbine

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Sharps New Model 1859 Carbine  SOLD
As military firearms evolved it became apparent that there was a need for a shoulder firearm that could be wielded from horseback.  Cavalry carried a sidearm but the pistol was only effective at close range.  This need resulted in the carbine, which was a shorter and less effective firearm than the standard infantry weapon but more effective than the pistol.

In America, cavalry was widely employed to combat mounted native tribes who covered vast expanses of land.  To arm this ever-growing branch of service the carbine got the attention of American arms makers and inventors.  The approach of national war clouds in the late 1850s hastened experimentation with newer and better carbines.  The difficulties with loading on horseback led to radical experiments with breechloading and multi-round magazine-fed weapons to reduce the limitations.

Christian Sharps was a very talented American gunmaker of the antebellum era.  Born in 1810 and apprenticed to a gunsmith in his youth, Sharps’ experience and talents led to the invention of several landmark firearms creations as he advanced in age and experience.  In 1859 the New Model Sharps carbine was as an improvement over Sharps’ previous models dating back to 1851.

The.52 calibre, breechloading Sharps New Model 1859 carbine featured a blued barrel with casehardening on receiver, breechblock, lock, lever, and trigger plate.  Opposite the receiver is a sling ring bar for the cavalry shoulder sling.  All furniture was iron.  The stock was walnut with inspector’ cartouche (worn off on this example) on reverse side.  There are markings on the top of barrel, receiver, lock, rear sight, and rear of breechblock identifying the maker, patent holder, model, with inspector’s initials such as the letter R” on the patchbox, “G” inside the door, and “P” on the lockplate.

The New Model 1859 began with serial number 30,000 and continued to 60,000 in 1863 when the Model 1863 went into production.  This example, SN 53268, undoubtedly saw service during the war.

This is an authentic and functional Sharps Civil War carbine.  Despite its functionality, firing it is not recommended as metal fatigue renders metal parts unreliable and dangerous for the relic and the user.


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