Michie Tavern ca. 1784 - A Virginia Historic Landmark


We hosted our son’s rehearsal dinner here last weekend, and absolutely everything was fabulous!  The food was delicious and our guests were raving, even a week later!  We indulged in fried chicken, barbecue, and the full range of Southern sides.  Perfectly prepared and seconds (and thirds?) were served with a smile by the personable and professional staff.  And the peach cobbler/ice cream – just wow.  Our group fully enjoyed the early wine/beer reception and were so impressed with Sam’s telling of the Tavern’s history.  The tables were set beautifully and there was plenty of seating for our group of 60, yet the atmosphere was intimate and fun.  Sam was extremely helpful as we planned our event.  We couldn’t have asked for more – Michie Tavern exceeded our expectations, resulting in a truly memorable night!  Perfect venue.

Chris Polk - Mechanicsville Virginia - September 2023

We drove by your establishment years ago when my children were smaller on our way home from visiting Monticello. We were in a bit of a rush at the time and did not stop, although something drew me to your location. Nine years later, we were starving after visiting Monticello again with our children and by chance, with no prior knowledge of the incredible history of your tavern, we stopped and ate. My goodness, what delicious food in such a gorgeous setting! I remarked to my husband that I thought the building had to have been around in the 1800’s or earlier. Imagine my surprise when I looked up your establishment when we arrived home! What a special treat and story to share! I’d recommend Michie Tavern to anyone who loves good cooking and a historical setting. Your servers were so gracious and took care of our needs completely. We’ll be back, armed with a bit of knowledge and perhaps a bit more respect for our visit. Thank you!

Lisa Pridemore, Hindman, Kentucky

To the Mothers of future Grooms:

When  I needed to plan a big rehearsal dinner for a wedding that included guests from across the country and around the world, I started a wish list.
I wanted something unique and special to add to the experience of a visit to Mr. Jefferson’s Charlottesville.  It needed to be cozy, accessible, and welcoming to a sizable group of happy people meeting for the first time or for the first time in a long time.  Allowances had to be made for the inevitable speeches and, oh yes, the dinner had to be exceptional.

Michie Tavern, already a favorite of the bridal couple, was my first and only choice, and one I never regretted.  Sam Morris was hugely helpful in planning every detail, making the process much less painful than I had feared. On the evening of our dinner, we were greeted at the door by a friendly waitress in period costume who ushered us in to the beautifully decorated Tavern.  With Sam as our host, and a bevy of friendly and efficient wait-staff, the evening went beautifully.

The quality of the service and setting was only exceeded by the food, which was indeed exceptional.  The fried chicken was perfect, and the many supporting dishes were equally as good.  I can only apologize for my nephew, who consumed at least four, or perhaps five biscuits.  He was in heaven, along with all of our guests.  It was a perfect start to a happy weekend, and Sam and the wonderful staff of the Michie Tavern have my undying gratitude for making the evening such a success.


Kate Hussman, Hindman

Dear Employees of Michie Tavern,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all and let you know how much Michie Tavern means to my family and me. Five years ago, on my very first visit to Charlottesville to tour UVa as a prospective student, my parents and I stumbled across your tavern on the way to Monticello. We were instantly enchanted by the friendly staff, the cozy atmosphere, and, of course, the delicious food.

A year later, I was admitted to UVa, and since then my parents and I have always returned to Michie’s every time they visit. Being from Ohio, I don’t get to see my family as often as I’d like, and our tradition of going back to Michie’s with each visit is something I look forward to. Over the years, we’ve introduced our friends and family members to Michie’s and watched as they too fell in love with this special place.

Yesterday my Dad and I were in town once again, dropping me off for my final semester of college, and, of course, we stopped by Michie’s for lunch. As we were enjoying our meal, a family of four sat down behind us, and we quickly figured out this was their very first time there. The parents and their two children raved about the food to each other, everything from the gravy to the chicken, which earned several rounds of “Mmm, this is so good!” My Dad and I tried our hardest to stifle our laughter as we remembered back to our own first visit, and how similar their experience sounded to ours. Even the youngest realized how great Michie’s is, as I overheard the little boy accuse his mother, “And you wanted to go to….!?” Needless to say, I think the family was won over.

Perhaps it’s the sentimentality of my fourth year and the fact that I will soon be leaving Charlottesville setting in, but remembering back to my family’s first visit to Michie’s and all the subsequent visits over the years reminded me how dear a place it has become for me, and how much I’ll miss it when I leave. You all do so many wonderful things to make Michie’s what it is, and I’m glad to have had such a special place to share with my family. Michie’s has become our family table in my home away from home, and for that I thank you.


My wife and I have been coming to Michie Tavern since we were dating. Our Honey Moon was at the Homestead and we scheduled our return trip so we could have lunch at your wonderful facility. While so much has changed over the 30 years I’m delighted to say that your quality and service have remained outstanding. You have even been able to introduce some additional offerings while still keeping the menu simple thus allowing the serving line to move smoothly. We don’t refer to our 2 or 3 times a year pilgrimage as going to Charlottesville but instead ” we’re going to Michie”.

Except for a possible U turn out of you parking lot and up Carter’s mountain for some apples our trips are usually lunch, a stroll though the Grist Mill store and back to Richmond. A walk down to the store is leisurely and the walk back up the hill to the car helps with the guilt from all we have eaten.

Our 2 sons are grown but still get excited hearing “we’re going to Michie”. Back in the Summer my wife and I came up on a day that both of our boys were working. It was probably the first time in 25 years that it was just the 2 of us. We decided that It would be our secret. Kind of what happens at Michie stays at Michie.

John Sharpe, nearby Richmond Virginia

I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for our outstanding visit to Michie Tavern on Saturday. My family was overwhelmed by the quality of the service and the delicious food, which just kept coming. They also liked poking around the shops and sites. They were still talking about it two days later — Michie and Monticello were highlights of our reunion.

Please let your staff know how wonderful we think they are. They are so attentive to guests’ needs, friendly, hospitable, efficient and calm in the face of busy-ness, down-to-earth. They obviously care about what they’re doing, more than just a job.

Thank you. We’ll be back.

Larry Nordick, Hindman, Group Reservations

I cannot say enough about this awesome establishment. Yes, it is pricey, that’s true, but if you want the best fried chicken in town, this is where to go. It’s buffet-style at first, with a limited, but delicious menu. Once you’re seated, a waiter/waitress brings you anything additional you need. The stewed tomatoes are melt-in-your-mouth goodness, and the biscuits will send you into ecstasy! Plus, the rustic charm puts you in the historical mood if you are headed to Monticello or Ashlawn-Highland. If you are up for a little hiking, the Saunders trail is nearby and provides a lovely after-over-indulging recreation. Do not miss this!!